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Why I own a tiara & why you should too.


OK… Stop rolling your eyes & hear me out…

Yes, I do own a tiara, but it’s not of my own doing.   I received it as a gift this past Christmas from my friend Cole.    I have to admit that when I opened the box on Christmas morning, I squealed like a child with delight – how wonderful to get such an unexpected surprise as an adult.   To receive such a frivolous gift – so charged with all kinds of childhood daydreams – was pure joy.


Cole told me she found the glimmering object in a thrift shop and I find myself wondering about the history of this particular overblown piece of princess-hood.  It’s certainly been used.   The missing stones & scratches attest to it. Was it from a prom?   Maybe a gag gift for bachelorette party?  A part of some other celebration?   Who knows?  

What I do know is that I’m giving it my own bit of history & meaning – imbuing it with all the good stuff of life that I can.  I see it as a reminder that I am precious in my life – when you get down to it, I am all that I have & it’s up to me to take care of myself & create the best life I can, a life that brings whatever unique value I can bring.

Sometimes I think we all need to be reminded of how truly precious our lives are.   It’s worth taking care of ourselves.   It’s worth making things in our lives special and being able to have more of ourselves to give to those we love. 

Something like a tiara, as a reminder to take care of ourselves so we can be our best for others,  is not such a bad thing.

So, yes,  I  do own tiara
… And you should too.