Horrible Sunsets


My sister called this morning.   She needed to have her dog put to sleep.

Another little soul’s passing on – another horrible sunset…

Sunset over Churchyard

I’m reminded of a different  sunset years ago when my little dog Daphne passed on.   I’m not the type of person who thinks of myself as a mommy to my pets, but I do love them dearly and they are precious to me.

On that chilly early-October morning, as the last roses in our backyard were fading away, the time had come for Daphne’s sunset.  On the way to the vet, we stopped in at the park just one last time.  Daphne was too sick to enjoy it.   So we just stood there on the bank of the creek, waiting for I have no idea what.

As I stood with this little soul that I had been responsible for, that I so thoroughly loved, I stared out at the creek and felt such pain that this little life would be torn away from me.  The mist was rising up from the water and it seemed to me to be souls moving on, leaving this world for someplace unknown.  A tiny wisp was someone’s rabbit or parakeet.   A slightly larger one was a dog like Daphne.  The largest were spouses, friends, children. In that mist I saw the inevitable cycle of life – the unavoidable passing from this existence into another that every soul must endure.

I don’t think it’s possible to fully get over the loss of a life that has been truly precious to you, no matter what type of life it was. I think the losses tear away at us and while we eventually heal, we’ll always have scars, marks left upon our souls by other souls that have touched us.

Sometimes when I’m driving along with my mind full of the mundane distractions of daily life, I’ll catch a glimpse of mist floating above some water and I’ll be reminded once more of that October morning so many years ago. I’ll think about that little soul that moved on and wonder who I’m seeing pass in those mists now.

I wish them a peaceful transition, I wish comfort to the ones they leave behind… and I wish that such painful partings, such horrible sunsets, were not an inevitable part of sun-filled lives.



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