My Wolfman Wears Yellow


What color does your Wolfman wear?  Mine wears yellow.

Mustard Yellow Plaid FlannelTo be more specific, my Wolfman wears that 1970s mustard yellow – in plaid.  For as long as I can remember, I have associated the Wolfman with that color.  I’m not talking about the modern movie Wolfman that turns into a quasi-wolf.  I’m talking about that 1941 Wolfman that looks more like a guy with really out-of-control facial hair.  Actually, it’s probably the 1979 Wolfman now that I’m thinking about it.

Anyway, the people at a company I worked for a few years back really liked Halloween to the point where everyone in the office was expected to show up at work in costume that day.  A work-appropriate Halloween costume can be a challenge – no sexy witches or naughty nurses (not that I’m the type anyway).  I thought it over for days  trying to find something not too cutesy, something relatively easy…I then I remembered him – my Wolfman in a mustard yellow plaid flannel shirt.  I headed to Target for costume supplies and there, hanging right near the aisle, was a mustard yellow plaid flannel shirt.  Obviously, this was fate!  I picked up Wolfman hands and made my own wolf ears.  Wolfman AccoutrementsAnd when I headed to the office on Halloween, I felt good (a little silly), but truly good.  I vaguely wondered why I was so happy with that costume and why I was insisting on that mustard yellow shirt, but time moves on & so did my thoughts – until a month or so ago.

I began rethinking childhood memories for my storytelling class and was focusing on times when I felt happy.  A couple of long forgotten memories resurfaced.  Watching as an iron was lifted off of a mustard yellow shirt and smelling that strange plastic scent of an iron-on decal.  Running out the front door between the lilac bushes while wearing a mustard yellow turtleneck, and feeling good, truly good. How could I have forgotten that shirt with the Wolfman head decal ironed right on the front???

And there it was – I finally understood! In that moment of my childhood I was channeling my inner Wolfman…well, all that can be seen as good about the Wolfman. My timid, chubby, young self felt strong & brave with that Wolfman emblazoned on my chest – as if I could face anything.

After all these years, I still have a fondness for the Wolfman. I haven’t rewatched the 1979 version. I prefer to avoid the disillusionment. But I think I just might try to find a vintage Wolfman iron-on decal and – now as a timid, chubby, older self – work on channeling all that is good about the Wolfman one more time.


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