Is it the class or is it the coffee?


I’m having trouble sleeping at night… and I can’t help wondering – is it the class or is it the coffee?


I’m taking a class on Digital Storytelling.  It’s requiring a lot more thought, and work, and downright soul-searching than I had expected.   Each time we get an assignment, it’s like one more session with my inner psychologist – working through what things mean to me, thinking about memories, trying to pull insights from life.

At the beginning of each week, I decide I’m not going to do that again – I vow to come up with a lighter story – just

I stay up at night thinking about the story assignment – not intentionally, but my mind winds up churning. I try to make sense of things & build the story. What can I leave out? What needs to stay in? What’s missing?something fun & light without getting in too deep – but it never works out that way. Really, who knew I was so serious???

Right about now, I’m thinking that what’s missing from my stories is the lightness – the humor that can make it entertaining instead of a serious & controlled.

Ok, next assigned story, I’m talking to you: you will be light & entertaining – I mean it, I’m serious…


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